Refund Policy


The Alliance Française Dublin is not bound by any error in, or omission from, the following regulations.

1. Fees quoted in this timetable are applicable only for this term. No bookings are accepted without payment in full.

2. The Alliance Française accepts no obligation to refund any fee, or any part of any fee, paid in respect of any exercise to be performed in the Alliance Française. Refunds may, however, be made during the current term as stated in 3, 4 and 5 below.

3. The Alliance Française is authorised to make refunds to all students as follows: where students who have paid the full course fee notify the Alliance Française before the course commencement date that they do not intend to take up the place reserved, all fees paid will be refunded except for an administrative fee of €75. Application for such refunds must be made to the Director in writing.

4. Fees will be refunded in full should a course listed in the brochure be cancelled. A minimum of eight students is required to open a course.

5.In exceptional cases of hardship (e.g. medical, bereavement), requests for refunds of fees outside the limits set out in 2 above may be considered, but such requests must be made in writing to the Director together with supporting documents.